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Diagnostic Services

At CVC we understand that advanced diagnostics means better health. Our diagnostic capabilities are numerous and change as we expand our veterinary abilities and technology.

Currently laboratory capabilities include in house blood, urine and fecal testing as well as reference lab access for just about any test needed on any imaginable sample.

Our X-Ray machine is fully digital, giving us high quality images in about five seconds. These X-Rays can be forwarded to radiologists for interpretation, and they can easily be copied to CD’s.

Our ultrasound machine does allow for limited studies of the abdomen. We routinely have patients ultrasounded for cardiac and abdominal studies at UVS:

Routine blood pressure monitoring can be done on an outpatient basis with our Doppler blood pressure monitor.

Glaucoma can also be monitored on an outpatient basis with our pen sized eye pressure meter (tonometry).

Electrocardiographic studies can be done via telemedicine -- relayed through telephone lines to a cardiologist -- or an in-house study can be performed.

Glaucoma Testing

As technology evolves, we at CVC have continued to adopt devices that further our ability to diagnose medical conditions. We have also invested heavily into training our veterinarians and staff to the newest and latest technologies and techniques.

As no one doctor or hospital can have all the diagnostic capabilities that are available, we at times will refer you and your pet to veterinary specialty centers that have capabilities beyond our scope.

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