Surgery At CVC

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We understand that the thought of surgery can be a very stressful time for you. We do all we can to lessen your anxiety before, during and after surgery. Please feel free to ask us all the questions you can think of before a surgical procedure is performed. Veterinarians are in a unique position in that we must talk to you, the pet owner, but we operate on animals that cannot speak to us.

During a surgery, your pets’ welfare is the utmost concern for us. We use the same anesthetic agents for pets that human hospitals use for children undergoing surgical procedures. While under anesthesia, your pet is monitored by nurse technicians using anesthetic monitoring equipment very similar to that used in human hospitals.

After surgery, all patients receive a pain management protocol that varies depending on the severity of the condition. We feel that it is our duty to insure that your pet (our patient) is not feeling undue pain after a procedure has been performed. Many times the pain management is continued with oral pain medications after discharge from the hospital.

Please speak with the staff if you have any concerns regarding surgery for your pet.

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 If you have an Emergency please Call our office so that we can schedule an appointment in a timely manner. Phone 607-432-0050